G5 Outdoor Wireless Lighting Control System

G5 Smart Wireless Lighting Control System is an outdoor wireless control system for parking lot, street, campus and roadway lights. The unique technology inside this system enables custom to remote monitor and operate all fixtures through a Web-enabled central management system. It combines utility-grade energy measurement and state of art wireless mesh network technology in an open, scalable and secure platform. The back haul network for the system can be either fiber or mobile network. Mobile network option provides the shortest possible installation time and near to zero requirement on customer’s IT infrastructure.

Customer can use any Internet enabled equipment, such as smart phone, computer or tablet, to access the user portal of the system. On the user portal, customer can turn on/off and dim individual, groups or all lighting fixtures. Customer also can set the lighting schedule, energy threshold, maintenance warning on lighting fixtures. Integrated with the latest IP surveillance technology, customer can review high resolution video image captured by the IP cameras on the user portal.


Designed with municipalities and transportation experts, G5 Smart System offers:

  • Accurate, utility-grade energy metering per fixture or per circuit.
  • Smart Meter Box stores 30 days energy data in local memory in
  • case of network outage and automatically synchronize data with
  • central database once network recovers.
  • Smart Meter Box provides real-time (less than 100ms response time) protection on fixtures from the out of range voltage from the grid.
  • AVM real-time detects the theft of electricity and reports time, wattage and location to the operation center.
  • Wireless Control Module operates with the latest downloaded scheules in case of network outage.
  • Wireless Control Module automatically maintain a redundant mesh network through encrypted connections.
  • Smart-phone APP is available for easy and quick commissioning.
  • Integrated with latest video surveillance system.
  • Provide integration interface on the control board and software platform. Capable of integration with police and city management system
  • Designed and made in the USA


  • Smart City
  • Warehouse Spaces & Manufacturing
  • Areas
  • Transportation Terminals
  • Retail & Grocery Stores
  • Church
  • University & Schools
  • Hospital
  • Sports arena & Gymnasiums
  • Theater & Stadium
  • Dry & Cold Storage
  • Food Processing Facility


  • G5 Smart Photocell: Control and monitor individual lighting fixture.
  • G5 Smart Gateway: Communicate both G5 Smart Photocells and servers of G5 Smart Platform on the cloud.
  • G5 Smart Meter Box (Option): Monitor the power input from the grid and protect the lighting fixtures on the circuits. Report utility grade energy measurement to the G5 Smart Platform on the cloud and prevent lighting fixtures to get damaged from the unstable voltage on the grid.
  • G5 AVM: Monitor the electric charactors of the circuits on the street. Working with G5 Smart Platform to identify the location of electricity theft.
  • G5 Outdoor Networked Video Recorder: Store high resolution video
  • Designed in the USA