G5 Smart Water Meter

This meter can be used as a traditional water meter where the water consumption is read off of the face of the meter. It also has the added functionality of being able to connect to the cloud based database and be accessed on any smart phone or computer. This meter produces a pulse for every 1/10 cubic foot (approx 0.75 gallon, or 2.83 liters) that flows by the meter. It sends flow rate and volume to the server on the cloud. User can access the data on any device on the internet.

Functions and characteristics:

  • Model: G5-SPWM-075
  • 3/4” water ow meter for measuring water ow in cubic feet.
  • With pulse-output communication for remote reading.
  • No power source required.
  • Has received California Type Approval for revenue grade accuracy
  • from the California Department of Weights and Measures.

Technical specifications:

  • Class B
  • Dimensions: 300mm long x 82mm wide x 116mm tall
  • Weight: 3 lbs., 8 oz.
  • Casing: Stainless Steel 201
  • Pulse rate: 1 pulse / 0.1 cu. ft; 1 pulse = approx. 0.75 gal.
  • Accuracy: 5% from Qmin to Qt, 2% from Qt to Qs
  • Maximum reading before zeroing: 9,999,999.99 cu. ft (Approx. 75,000,000 gal.)
  • Minimum reading: 0.0035 cu. ft
  • Maximum operating pressure: 140 psi
  • Minimum ow (Qmin): 1.77 cu. ft/hr
  • Overload ow (Qs):176.5 cu. ft/hr
  • Nominal ow (Qp): 88 cu. ft/hr
  • Transitional Flow (Qt): 7 cu. ft/hr
  • Temperature range: 0-40 deg C / 32-104 deg F 15.) 3/4 Inch NPT male threads


  • We recommend that this meter be installed by a qualified plumber.
  • Install horizontally with the dial facing upwards. (Fig 2)
  • Use teflon tape or pipe dope when connecting pipe fittings to the meter’s NPT pipe threads.
    • *Note: You do not need to use dialectric unions when connecting dissimilar metal ittings to the stainless ittings provided with the meter.
  • Use in conjunction with our G5 Smart Water Gateway for remote metering applications.
  • The G5 Smart Water Gateway has ports for three separate pulse inputs (ports 1, 2 and 3). All of the pulse input devices share a common ground wire (Port 4). These wires can be up to 200 feet long. Connect the red wire from the water meter to either port 1, 2, or 3. Connect the black wire to port 14.
  • The easiest way to power the G5 Smart Water Gateway is with 110v AC. Connect a hot leg into port 9 and the neutral into port 10.

Install Horizontally with the Dial Facing Up


Reading your meter:


Note: Most Utilities in the United States round to the nearest 100 cubic feet. So in this case, only the red portion above, showing 75,300, would be necessary for determining usage.


Dimensions and Weight:


Error Curve:


Head Loss Curve: